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About MapSwapper

The Map Swapper allows you to play Far Cry 4 console maps on your PC. It also loads other systems' maps on PS4. It works in coop mode too!

How to use

  1. PC gamers just download and run FC4-MapSwapper_PC.zip on the same PC as you're running the game from. This will allow you to install (enable) and uninstall (disable) the Map Swapper feature, just follow the on-screen instructions. Keep the app running, to make sure the game will not re-load the map from cache.

    PS4 players will need a PC or notebook running Windows, as well as FC4-MapSwapper_console.zip. Extract it to a folder on your Windows PC and run the "FarCry4_MapSwapper-Start_DNSServer.bat" file. Then follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

    Note that PS4 support is experimental, please report your findings back to me.

  2. Once the Swapper is running, visit http://maps.farcry.eu and click on the map you want to play.
  3. From the Far Cry 4 Main Menu, select Map Browser and play the map called "MapSwapper" (Search Maps --> by Map Name).
  4. All set! The game will think it is downloading the 'MapSwapper' map, but instead should download the map you picked from this website!

Some Notes:


Contact Me / More Info

See my MapSwapper thread, or FaceBook.