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NOTE 2024-02-31: Ubisoft restored and updated Far Cry 4 PC services. As a result, MapSwapper may not work for Far Cry 4 on PC anymore.

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About MapSwapper

The Map Swapper allows you to play Far Cry 4 console maps on your PC. It also loads other systems' maps on PS4. It works in coop mode too!

How to use

  1. PC gamers just download and run on the same PC as you're running the game from. This will allow you to install (enable) and uninstall (disable) the Map Swapper feature, just follow the on-screen instructions. Keep the app running, to make sure the game will not re-load the map from cache.

    PS4 players will need a PC or notebook running Windows, as well as (works for both Far Cry 5 and 4). Extract it to a folder on your Windows PC and run the "Start MapSwapper.bat" file. Then follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

  2. Once the Swapper is running, visit and click on the map you want to play.
  3. From the Far Cry 4 Main Menu, select Map Browser and play the map called "MapSwapper" (Search Maps --> by Map Name).
  4. All set! The game will think it is downloading the 'MapSwapper' map, but instead should download the map you picked from this website!

Some Notes:

  • MapSwapper only works with IPv4 based networks!
  • Submitted ratings do not count towards the swapped map.
  • (PC version only) The app clears the swapped map's play cache, so re-downloading MapSwapper after configuring a different map should download the newly selected map. But ONLY if you keep my app running.
  • Maps are loaded and served to players based on their IP address. Please make sure you play the game on the same computer/connection as you browse the maps listing website with, otherwise it will not work!
  • Console maps may be missing groundtextures.
  • In some cases, the Swapper will download a different map, or a corrupted map instead. Unfortunately, without access to Ubisoft's database, I can't fix this issue as I can only guess where Ubisoft stores the file. That's why the MapSwapper will be permanent 'beta'.


  • To validate that your game uses the MapSwapper trick, check the MapSwapper map's thumbnail picture. It should look different:
    should be:
    If you keep seeing the original picture on the left, you may have to restart your console.
  • For troubleshooting on CONSOLE: check if the Windows PC shows any other message after "Listening on <IP>". If it does not, the console is not using the correct DNS settings, or can not reach your Windows PC (possibly due to firewall).
  • If the map download stays at 0%: this is a normal side-effect of the proxy method I'm using and Far Cry 4 client bandwidth throttling. Just wait, the map will download.
  • If the MapSwapper map loads a map with a text scrolling upwards, this is the original map: Either you did not install/configure the Map Swapper properly, or you are using multiple IP addresses. If the latter, try disabling IPv6 support in Windows, or use a VPN service to make sure you are using only 1 IP address.
  • If in coop mode, you end up in a black map (total darkness): both players have a different map loaded, so the game is out of sync. Make sure Map Swapper is working on both PCs in single player mode first.

Contact Me / More Info

See my MapSwapper thread, or FaceBook.